In-plane bandgap energy control of InAs quantum dots (QDs) grown on GaAs substrates is demonstrated using selective-area epitaxy. Transmission electron microscopy and cathodoluminescence are used for characterization of the selectively grown dots. A single-step growth of a thin InAs quantum well and InAs QDs emitting at 1010 and 1100 nm (at 77 K) on the same wafer is demonstrated. Non-uniform growth profile is reported for the selectively grown QDs in the mask openings. Surface migration of adatoms from higher order facets to (1 0 0) facets results in enhanced deposition rates closer to the edge of the openings and vapour phase diffusion of adatoms results in density variations across the openings over length scales greater than the surface migration length of the adatoms.
Keywords:InAs wafer,
Source: Iopscience
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